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Al Arabiya interviews Fadi Adra, Partner with Strategy&, to discuss the Ideation Center Insight entitled ‘Triggering change in the GCC through behavioral insights: An innovative approach to effective policymaking’.
CNBC Arabia interviews Samer Bohsali from Strategy& to discuss the Ideation Center Insight entitled 'Embracing sharing: Managing the disruption of the sharing economy in the GCC'.
Dubai One interviews Strategy&’s Samer Bohsali to discuss the Ideation Center insight entitled “Preparing for the digital era: The state of digitalization in GCC businesses

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According to Strategy& Partners Fadi Adra and Yahya Anouti, GCC states are engaged in ambitious national transformation programmes that depend to a considerable extent upon people making different choices. Improving national health levels, to use just one example, involves people adopting healthier eating habits and leading more active lifestyles — an area where traditional policymaking methods like applying fines, incentives, or taxes are not always effective as standalone tools.
According to Strategy& Partner Samer Bohsali, Principal Sevag Papazian, and fellow at the Ideation Center Melissa Rizk, the GCC can truly benefit from sharing economy platforms by tapping into underexploited human resources and assets. GCC consumers spent $10.7 billion on sharing economy platforms in 2016, generating an estimated $1.7 billion in revenues for these platforms.
According to Samer Bohsali, Partner with Strategy&, GCC governments need to continuously reskill their workforce to embrace the latest technologies. The digital sector tends to change rapidly because of continuously emerging new technologies that redefine the way business is done, which is less often the case in traditional jobs. Creating a digital workforce of continuous learners is key to drive the success of national transformation plans.