Crowdfunding in MENA: Game-Changer or Fad?

by Jihad Khalil

As the winds of change spin around the Middle East, a new breeze is emerging in the region carrying with it a seemingly promising opportunity. I am talking about Crowdfunding, which uses the wisdom of the crowd to validate and fund projects and ideas with small (micro) more »

Telecommuting: Doing Judo with Corporate Culture

by James Thomas

The recent controversy over Yahoo’s decision to withdraw a policy allowing its employees to ‘work from home’ has sparked a ferocious and polarizing debate. We have people variously calling it a massive step backwards for corporate culture and flexible working; no less than an attack on women’s employmentread more »

Those Who Can Do Must Teach: A New Paradigm for Teacher Training in the GCC

by The Ideation Center

The earliest recorded version of the often-quoted phrase ‘those who can’t do, teach’ dates from 1903. Since this was coined, education has been at the forefront of governments’ policy-making and human capital development reforms. Yet, the general attitude across many geographies and cultures still persists that teaching isread more »

MENA Must Focus on Developing Strong Institutions for Positive Economic Change

by The Ideation Center

Institutional economists assert the important role of institutions in affecting economic change. They underscore the evolution and interplay of demography (quality and quantity of human capital), the stock of human knowledge, and institutional change in conquering the physical and the human environments in order to reduce uncertainty andread more »

Are Arab Youth Environmentally Conscious?

by The Ideation Center

The Middle East is among the youngest regions in the world with half its population under the age of 25. Today, young men and women in the region are increasingly educated. Indeed, the region's talent pool is not only showing an equal share between men and women, butread more »