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Latest Research
Listening to Students’ Voices: Putting Students at the Heart of Education Reform
Bringing the GCC’s education system in line with the needs of the employment market requires governments to engage numerous stakeholders including local authorities, schools, and the private sector. However, governments must also include students themselves, a group often overlooked…read more >
Generations A: Differences and Similarities across the Arab Generations

A critical element missing in the discussion of changes in Arab countries is a generational perspective. This survey and study allows policymakers and business leaders to take advantage of this valuable generational approach to framing social, economic, and employment policy…read more >
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Strengthening Innovation Hubs in the GCC: The Role of Enterprise Champions

Gulf Cooperation Council governments are working toward establishing innovation hubs to diversify their national economies. For these hubs to succeed and become commercialization catalysts, however…read more>
Staying on the Road to Growth: Why Middle East Leaders Must Maintain Their Commitment to Economic Reform

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is experiencing its greatest level of change in 50 years. Populations are questioning governments. Young people, many of whom are unemployed, have been particularly vociferous and demand to be heard. Middle Eastern countries thereforeread more >
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